This Puppy Can’t Figure Out Where His Hiccups Are Coming From. His Reaction Is PRICELESS!

Nobody likes hiccups.  We have all been told to hold our breath and count to 20 to stop them.  Another less pleasant remedy is to have someone scare us.  So what’s a cute little puppy to do the first time he gets those annoying hiccups?  You don’t want to scare your pup and can’t exactly instruct him to hold his breath.

This sweet little guy was caught on video experiencing hiccups for the first time.  He didn’t like it at all, and adorably kept looking around to see where they were coming from.  He then decides the best defense is a good offense. He decides to attack the hiccups in the most adorable way possible!

We might all take a lesson from this pup.  He discovered that barking and growling might be just the thing to get rid of those pesky hiccups!  If you are someone you know is having a rough day pass this on to them to turn that frown upside down! Watch this clip and admire the ingenuity of this pup!

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