If You Always Get Heart Burn and Acid Reflux. THIS Is The Reason Why and How To Treat It Naturally.

One of the worst feelings is that sensation of burning that you can get after eating!  Known as Heartburn or Acid Reflux, approximately 60 million Americans suffer from this burning several times a month.  Of these 60 million, according to www.healthline.com 15 million experience this unbearable discomfort daily, commonly in the stomach, throat and mid-chest.

Symptoms can be temporarily alleviated by anti-reflux medications or antacids, but the problem will continue unless you make some changes, that are natural home remedies you will hear about in the video below.

Dr. Axe presents a comprehensive explanation of why acid reflux occurs; you will hear him discuss the CAUSES, which include enzyme deficiency and acid imbalance in the stomach. He then goes step by step in explaining the DIETARY CHANGES that you need to make; foods that should be eliminated and ones that should be added.

He then discusses SUPPLEMENTS that should be taken with meals, as well as LIFESTYLE CHANGES which include the amount you eat at each meal, how you chew and swallow, and the pace at which you eat.

He stresses that the #1 Natural Remedy is drinking 1 Tablespoon of raw, unfiltered APPLE CIDER VINEGAR mixed with a little water, 10 minutes before each meal.  For full details on the changes you need to make, in order to naturally rid yourself of heartburn pain and discomfort watch the full video.

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