Angry Landlord Gathers Giant Mess Left Behind By Disgusting Tenants and Proceeds To Get The Last Laugh!

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If you’ve ever rented an apartment or house to someone else, you know that you’re always taking a risk. Even if you do a full background and credit check, and everything seems to be okay, you can never truly know how a new tenant is going to act. Will they pay the rent on time, be respectful of the space, and keep it nice and clean? These are the questions that inevitably run through every landlord’s mind.

Which is why when French landlord Thomas Ravaux from Rozoy-sur-Serre in Aisne, France, met a nice couple with three well behaved children, he felt comfortable entering into an agreement with them. There was nothing off-putting or shady about them and since they had passed all the relevant security and financial checks, he signed the lease. Before they moved in he checked over the apartment, re-painted the walls a crisp white, and buffed the wood floors until they gleamed. When moving day came, he watched them stack boxes of their stuff neatly inside then handed them the key and left.

When the new tenants missed their first month’s rental payment, Thomas didn’t think much of it. He assumed they simply forgot and would catch up. After several months passed by with still no payment coming in, he started to worry and called up his bank thinking perhaps there was an issue. After being told that no money had ever been submitted from his tenants, he grew worried and tried to call them. Every time he phoned it just rang and rang, no one ever answered, and he knew they must be avoiding him.

After fourteen months went by, Thomas had finally had enough. He went over to the apartment and entered it after no one answered his knocks. The first thing he noticed was the terrible stench which was inescapable, it smelled like rotten food, sewage, and garbage. As he stepped inside, he was met with a horrendous sight, the house was completely trashed. There was broken furniture and children’s toys all over the place, dishes had been haphazardly piled wherever they could fit, and heaps of dirty clothes made it hard to walk. The walls he’d painted had been ruined with holes punched through the drywall, the floor he polished was littered with dog poop, and the place looked ruined.

As he stood in the midst of the stinky mess his tenants had made, Thomas began to form a plan on how to right this terrible wrong. He checked with the neighbors who told him that the apartment had been empty for weeks and then called his lawyer who heard what he planned on doing and okayed it. His next move was tacking down the tenants and since they were listed publicly in the directory, he was able to obtain their new address. With logistics falling into place, he called in a clean-up crew.

When the men he’d hired arrived with a dump truck he told them to load it up. After they saw how the apartment had been left, they were just as disgusted at the smelly mess as Thomas was. He told them about what he had planned and after hearing about it they were more than happy to help. After they had piled every single thing the tenants had left behind, from the trash and broken furniture to the dirty dishes and dog poop, they drove straight over to the old tenant new rental address with Thomas following close behind.

Once they got there they backed up to the new place, raised the bed of the truck, and dumped all of the dirty tenants’ belongings right onto the driveway of their new rental. People in the area stopped and stared at what was happening and before long the local news caught wind and did a story on it. Most people applauded Thomas for what he did, but a few were concerned, and to those he explained that he was simply returning all of the property that had been left behind by his rude tenants.

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