Apparently THIS Is What The Bottom Of The Stapler Is Actually Used For. I Had No Idea!

Sometimes you come across a video that shows you something, that you can’t believe was never pointed out, in all the years that you have been using a most common stationary tool…the STAPLER. I mean I don’t think I stand alone in having used a stapler since preschool, and on through every level of education, office work as well as at home!

When it comes time to whip out the stapler, you know that your task has been completed and everything is just perfectly put together with one push. Having said all this, you may be asking yourself, so what else is new?

Well, you know when you pull the top of the stapler back, you see that silver “thingy” at the bottom of the stapler? As it turns out, it isn’t just there to make the staple go in correctly…it actually has a dual capacity that I found to be astounding, if you rotate it.

In the 15 second video you are about to watch, you will see that this “staple” of your life, has the capability of producing both large and small staples depending on your collation needs. Sometimes it’s the small things that are just mind-blowing!

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