Apparently If You Place An Ice Cube In This Spot On Your Neck 1x a Day For A Month THIS Happens To Your Body!

For as long as humans have existed on earth they have been searching relentlessly for the fountain of youth. The world has been explored all over, and its resources examined, for some secret, all-powerful, life enhancing elixir that could make humans ageless and endlessly healthy.

Today there are several areas of medicine and science devoted exclusively to studying and searching for the right combination of chemicals and plant extracts that can enhance beauty, all while halting or reversing the effects of aging and curing us of any and all ills.

Companies flood the market touting the latest and greatest breakthroughs and sell all sorts of creams, serums, crystals, magnets, and so on, to consumers who eagerly snap them up. Most of these things promise the world but don’t work as hoped.

Perhaps the answer lies not in the modern, complex products being sold to us, but rather in simple, ancient practices developed centuries ago. If you go the latter route, you inevitably discover that there is an easier, more affordable, and all natural way to heal and refresh your body.

All that it requires is an ice cube and time. Start by laying out and relaxing on your tummy. Place an ice cube at the base of your skull on your neck (see the point on the neck shown in the video), and allow it to rest there for 20 minutes. Do this every day in the morning on an empty stomach, then again before you go to sleep in the evening.

This alternative method dates back to ancient Chinese medicine and pressure points. The point it centers around is where your head and neck meet at the base of your skull, which is known as the Feng Fu. Many people report feeling younger, more energized, and full of life after doing this everyday.

It has been said that this technique can provide a variety of health oriented benefits to your body, as well as boost your mood and mental health. The potential health benefits include improved digestion and sleep, reduced thyroid issues and PMS symptoms, relief from common colds, alleviated pain from headaches or toothaches, and overall reduced risks associated with lung and cardiovascular diseases.

This simple practice may just be the best route to go when trying to stay healthy and clean. It’s a great way to both start off, and unwind, after a long stressful day.

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