Apparently If You Throw a Bucket Of Dry Ice In a Pool THIS Happens!

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One of YouTube’s favorite personalities, the Crazy Russian Hacker, has come up with another awesome experiment yet again! This time around he decided to see what would happen when about thirty pounds of dry ice gets dumped straight into a swimming pool. Let’s just say that the results were nothing short of spectacular!

For this trick the Crazy Russian started out poolside with one empty cooler, one pair of insulated gloves, and a bunch of bags of dry ice. Once the gloves were safely on both hands he got to work breaking up the blocks of ice into the cooler. Dry ice is basically super-frozen carbon dioxide, the gas we exhale when we breathe out. It forms when carbon dioxide is exposed to extreme temperatures of at least -109° Fahrenheit, which cause it to change from a gas straight into a solid, there’s no liquid phase in between. The inverse of this change is also true, when dry ice melts it goes from solid to gas. That’s what produces the foggy, cloud-like effects it’s known for.

When it came time for the moment of truth he picked up the plastic container filled with 30 pounds of dry ice and flung it all into the pool! The reaction was immediate. As the warm water began to break down and melt the dry ice it produced a thick, dense white fog that drifted up and away in the breeze. You can hear the water bubbling as the gas gets released and at about the 2 minute mark the camera focuses in on the effect. All the while you can hear the Crazy Russian Hacker in the background talking about how “amazing” “beautiful” and “so awesome” it all turned out to be. He’s just as entertaining, if not more, than the dry ice in the pool!

While the thought of that much dry ice in a pool sounds kind of dangerous, don’t worry, it’s actually quite safe if proper precautions are taken. The main thing you never want to do is handle it with your bare hands, always use insulated gloves. They will prevent hands and skin from getting injured and burned by frostbite which occurs on contact with the stuff. Also, if you plan on breaking it up like the Crazy Russian Hacker did in this clip, use protective eye wear as well. Better to be safe than sorry!

If you ever want to kick a pool party up a notch, dry ice is one way to go about it. People will love the cool effects and chances are they haven’t seen anything like this done before so they’ll remember it forever.

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