Awesome Uses For Borax Everyone Should Know!

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Everyone loves a clean house, but only a select few love to spend hours to achieve desirable results.  Personally, a clean house makes me happy, and I am always looking for really useful hacks in which people have combined easy ingredients that do the job.

The queen of cleaning, Melissa Maker, has put together the YouTube channel “Clean My Space”; her tips and presentation to make housekeeping easier are priceless!  In the video you are about to view below, she offers her latest discovery, BORAX, as she exudes her “clean energy” enthusiasm.

She did some research on Borax, and found that it contained: Sodium, Oxygen, Water and Boron.  The video gives you 10 phenomenal and easy-to-follow uses for this WUNDER CLEANER.  They are:

(1) “The lazy person’s TOILET CLEANER” (2) The “BORAX BUG KILLER; see how she combines it with a little sugar and where she places it to be rid of unwanted insects  (3) BORAX COOKWARE SCRUB (4) SINK STAIN ERASER; Borax mixed with lemon juice to form a paste (5) MOLD KILLER (6) ROOM REFRESHER SPRAY (7) PET BED CLEANER SPRAY  (8) DELICATES CLEANER SOLUTION  (9) PLASTIC BRUSH AND COMB CLEANER  (10) PET ODORS IN RUGS.

In the following footage, Melissa gives you the exact proportions for mixing Borax with a few other ingredients (depending on the job to be done), and demonstrates how easy it is to achieve great cleaning results with little effort.

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