Every Night Mama Puts On The River Dance Music. The Baby Proceeds To Do The Most Hysterical Moves!

image via – facebook.com

Irish River Dance has always intrigued me. It seems to take such skill and discipline to move your lower body with such a rapid and intricate pace, while holding your upper body still. The Celtic musical accompaniment has always made me want to get up and try it.

Although her upper body moves at times, the baby in the video you are about to watch below, seems to have been born with an instinct and rhythmic talent for step dancing. This is particularly astounding because she can’t walk yet.

Her mom turns on the Celtic music, and this baby girl kicks to the beat with perfection! Watch as she follows and seems exhilarated by the music. You can see her heart beating faster, and her arm movements combined with her dance-like kicks will captivate you.

Watch this adorable doll wind up to this Irish magic; she is destined for great things!

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