THIS Baby Tugs On This Cat’s Foot and Leg But The Cat’s Reaction Has Gone Viral!

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Cats and babies seem like they naturally go well together.  They’re both cute, adorable little creatures who love nothing more than to sleep, cuddle, and snuggle.  While most cats and babies do in fact go very well together, there’s always the chance that they won’t get along.  Sometimes it takes time for them to warm up to each other but once boundaries are established, they usually end up best friends.

When one couple decided to adopt a cat named Lemsie, they were naturally hesitant to introduce her to their baby boy.  They weren’t sure how the pair would get along, but they knew they had to let them meet. They really wanted them to bond and grow up together so when the cat was sitting down relaxed and calm, they placed their toddler next to her.  

The baby was immediately taken by his new feline friend and looked thrilled to finally be close to her.  He reached out and gently held Lemsie’s back legs before resting his head down on them. His bright little smile lit up the room and showed just how much he was loving his furry new friend.  Now came the moment of truth; how would Lemsie react to the baby touching her?

Lemsie moved towards the child’s head and started to gently lick him!  She was grooming him like he was a kitten and being sweet and gentle. The roughest thing about their whole interaction was probably her tongue.  While most cats don’t like their legs being grabbed, she didn’t seem to mind at all.

Not once did she show any aggression or ill will towards the baby and when her owners saw how accepting and tolerant of the toddler she was, they knew they wouldn’t have to worry about the two being around each other.  

Their faces say it all, they love each other and are happy to finally be able to cuddle.  It looks like the beginning of a wonderful friendship and the first of many memories to come.

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