Baby Yells ‘I Love You Daddy’ For 2 Min As He Leaves For Work. When Dad Finally Reacts PRICELESS!

When children are very young, their sense of time is limited, making separation from those they love hard. Even though toddlers, like little Colton in this adorable video, know that their Daddy will return home from work, saying goodbye for 2 minutes is his way of holding on. You will see why this heartwarming footage, posted by “Break Clips”, has gone viral!

Daddy is going to work in his truck, on this particular day, and Colton is waddling around in only his diaper, when his father encourages him to come give him a kiss goodbye. Mommy is in the background, as this little munchkin realizes daddy is leaving. As he goes over to give his father a kiss goodbye, you can see the realization hit him that daddy is leaving, and then the floodgates of his goodbyes and “I love you Daddy”, open up.

Starting my day watching this precious footage, has been ‘just what the doctor ordered; it brought me back to the days of my own little boy’s magical attachment to his daddy and just filled me up with the “feel good” potion of family attachment and love; “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

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