Daddy Finally Captures His Baby and Cat’s Funny Morning Ritual

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Babies love to babble. The random streams of adorable noises that they make are them practicing how to make different sounds. To adults, it all sounds like unintelligible gibberish and whatever a child may be trying to say is anyone’s guess. The same goes for our pets, especially cats and all the meows, purrs, growls, and other cute noises they make!

Even though grown ups are all but in the dark when it comes to understanding what their infant kids and pets are trying to say, perhaps fur babies and human babies can communicate on some other level. The idea may be a little strange, but when you see this video it will make a lot more sense.

In the clip a baby girl and the family cat are having a little chit chat. According to the girl’s father, a YouTube user named Lenny, the pair are always holding their own weird little types of full length conversations. Every morning the two babble happily back and forth with one another, just like how you can see and hear in the video!

Lenny’s daughter and the tabby cat are so into their adorable conversation as they go back and forth that it’s like they’re in their own world. The most surprising thing about it all is that the kitty appears to truly understand what the little girl is saying and vice versa. It’s as if the cat is talking back to her and responding in kind with meow meows.

Maybe they really are engaged in an intelligent conversation. Plus, the cat doesn’t try to stop or put an end to the chat after a couple of seconds. Rather than walk off, the tabby sticks around and stays close by the little girls side. It even follows her around and continues talking with her.

Check out the happy pair to see just how well they communicate with each other. Their adorable conversation is the cutest thing that any parent could hope to see in the morning. If you love cats, babies, and all the joyful chirps and noisy gibberish that comes out of their mouths, then this clip is for you!

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