Bear Hit With a Tranquilizer Is Suffering In The Water. Then THIS Guy Swims Towards It and Does The UNTHINKABLE!

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Most people have very few interactions with real wildlife. Sure, you might see the occasional rabbit in the garden or deer crossing the street. However, we mostly see pest animals like squirrels, seagulls, and a bug or two. Seeing a rare animal is equally intriguing as it is dangerous.

One day, in Alligator Point on Sait James Island, Florida, such an interaction occurred. A 375-pound black bear was sniffing around the neighborhood. Naturally, when he entered a home, wildlife conservation officers were called. When the officers arrived, everything was going fine. That is until they shot the bear with a tranquilizer.

A common misconception about tranquilizers is that they all immediately neutralize the recipient. This is, of course, true of some. To the dismay of everyone involved, this situation was not one of those examples. Instead of subduing the creature, the tranquilizer sent the bear into a panic.

The bear bolted with the officers close behind. He quickly reached the nearest body of water and began swimming out. It was at that point that the sedative began to take effect. The bear began to lose its bearings.

Back on land, one of the people handling the situation was Adam Warwick, a biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Warwick immediately noticed the bear’s change in behavior and knew that if he didn’t act quickly, the bear would surely drown. Without hesitation, Warwick dove into the water and started swimming toward him.

Warwick grabbed the bear and began swimming back towards shallow water and the other officers. The bear was not entirely asleep and tried to stay afloat by climbing on top of Adam. The bear’s attempts were in vain as it was losing control of its legs. In retrospect, this was probably what saved Warwick’s life. He safely got the bear back to the officers with barely a scratch on him. Despite immense risk, Warwick miraculously put his own life on the line to save the animal. Would you do the same?

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