His Disposable Lighter Was Empty And Wouldn’t Spark A Flame. This Easy Trick Will Make It Work Again!

I don’t know about you, but I find that I have endless uses for lighters around the house, and I particularly like the ones with the extended end that you don’t burn your fingers on.  I was really happy to find this hack, because they seem to run out of fluid rapidly and replacing them can get quite expensive. I’ve probably been through 1000’s of lighters in my lifetime!

Disposable Bic lighters are really handy, but they similarly run out quickly.  In this hack he opens up one of those extended lighters that houses a Bic lighter, which, it turns out is refillable!  He shows us an easy trick for opening up the extended lighter to get to the Bic, which it turns out is beyond simple to refill. This is such a game changer.

So instead of continuing to spend money on lighters you can watch this great tutorial below and do it yourself!  Sometimes it’s the smallest things that are so satisfying.  Not only is this trick super easy but you will save so much money from now on!

Let us know if you tried this awesome lighter DIY life hack!

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