This Bird Adopts An Egg From The Supermarket. But What Hatches Is The UNTHINKABLE!

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The last thing anyone thinks about when they pick up a carton of eggs from the supermarket is that one could possibly end up hatching. Store bought eggs supposedly come unfertilized and in America they’re found in the refrigerated section. Even if one were somehow fertilized, without consistently warm temperatures, the cold would end any chances of life.

However, that string of logic did not play out in Japan when a girl brought home a carton of quail eggs. As it turns out, in Japan eggs aren’t refrigerated. Instead they’re sold at room temperature and can last up to a week or more because they have a layer that naturally protects them, but nevertheless they’re still unfertilized.

Which makes YouTube user Luna Angel’s story all the more mysterious. She says that she grabbed one quail egg from the carton and gave it to her parakeet, Pi-chan, to see what she’d do with it. The pretty bird’s motherly instincts took over right away and she roosted atop the egg keeping it warm and safe as if she had laid it herself.

Not long after, the egg miraculously and unexpectedly hatched and out popped the cutest, tiniest, and most adorable baby quail ever! The little fuzzy baby bird was named Yuzu and she can be seen in the accompanying video clip. She looks so sweet and innocent, especially since her black and yellow feathers make her look like a little fuzzy puff!

To see more of Yuzu, Pi-chan, and their fellow bird friends, check out Luna Angel’s channel. There is really nothing quite like a baby bird that can help lift your spirits and brighten the day, enjoy!

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