This Boxer Comes Across A Lemon On The Beach. When He Tastes It His Human Loses It!

The saying goes “sometimes life throws you lemons; it’s what you do with it that counts”.  Some of us make lemonade and others just live life feeling like a victim.  Well, in the case of this boxer puppy at the beach…you need to watch.  Clearly he is startled by the bitter taste. Well startled really isn’t the right word, this is one of the most epic reactions to any food I have ever seen!

The unexpected sour taste has him literally prancing in his own little “lemon dance” as he is overcome with the bitterness. He attempts to bury it in the sand, pauses, and then goes back for more!  To the hysterical laughter of his owners, he just can’t seem to be deterred from trying the bitter citrus over and over again.

I did feel a bit sorry for him as he keeps being startled by the bitter taste.  However, I couldn’t help but think that there must have been something about this taste experience that intrigued the pup, because he couldn’t help going back to try it again.  Whatever the case may be, the video makes for a very entertaining moment in the life of a courageous, adventurous puppy “foody”, having a day at the beach!

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