Boy Tells Dr. THIS Pencil Got Trapped Inside His Ear But What The Dr. Removes Is UNTHINKABLE!

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It’s well known that young children love to stick things where they don’t belong.  They’ll put random things in their mouths, up their noses, or in their ears without thinking twice about what they’re even doing.  Think about it, just about everyone has a story from early childhood about how either they or someone they know got a Lego or M&M stuck up their nose!  

Usually when something gets stuck its very temporary, the object eventually works its way out on its own, and in the end it turns out to be harmless.  However, there are times when a child needs professional help and for a young boy named Louis King that was the case.

According to Louis, he had been playing around when he stuck a pencil in his ear.  Part of it broke off and became lodged deep inside, but he neglected to even mention this to his mother for a full week!  Naturally, his mother was concerned and rushed him immediately to the doctor.

After hearing Louis’s story and examining him the doctor began the process of extracting what he believed to be was a pencil. However, the doctor soon realized that the object stuck in the young child’s ear was not what he had been telling them.  Instead of finding a pencil fragment, he found a watch battery!

The battery was so deep that Louis’s eardrum had completely disappeared.  Thankfully eardrums recover and come back over time but if the battery had not been removed it could have caused hearing loss, pain, and infection.

In the end, Louis fully recovered and learned to not stick anything in his ears again.  It’s still unknown how or why he decided to hide a watch battery in his ear, but that’s just kids for you!

Did you or your kids ever do anything like this? Let us know!

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