She Brings Her Cockatoo To The Store And Gets Him a Toy. The Bird Then Throws a Hysterical Tantrum

Many people love bringing their adorable pets along with them when they stop in to visit the pet store. It’s not only convenient, it also offers them a new way to socialize their animals by getting them out of the house and their familiar surroundings. While dogs are by far the most common pet you’ll spot in a store, every now and then someone brings in a cat or a hamster or even their pet pig.

It’s not very often that anyone brings in their pet cockatoo and this video clip sheds some light onto one of the reasons why this may be so! Cockatoos rank among the loudest animals in the world and the shrill, high pitched noises they make can be ear splitting. Combine that with the fact that they love to talk and scream and you get Pickles, the white cockatoo seen here.

Pickles owner brought her feathered friend along with her to the pet store and let’s just say that he wasn’t all that thrilled about the outing. As a peace offering she gave him a tasty treat to chew on but he was unimpressed with the gift and tossed it on the floor. Then the little guy started squawking up a storm and moments later he had managed to work himself up into a noisy fit.

His feathers were really ruffled after a few stern words from his mother and that’s when Pickles proceeded to throw the most hysterical tantrum! He flapped around on his grocery cart perch and noisily stomped back and forth across the handle bar as he made a scene. This is definitely one cockatoo with some major attitude. He’s loud, in charge, and knows it!

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