They Caught An Eagle Owl On Cam In Flight. Now Watch The Unexpected Strange Place He Lands!

If you ever hear a call in the night that sounds like a “who” then an owl is likely nearby. The beautiful birds are incredibly smart and adaptable, and some are even quite friendly towards humans. One European Eagle Owl from the woods around the town of Noordeinde in the Netherlands has been caught on camera swooping down onto people’s heads.

The majestic owl has been seen and documented landing atop different people’s noggins on several occasions. The six pound bird does not try to harm or hurt anyone in the process, and has now become world famous for his friendliness.

The social bird can be seen in action on a YouTube video uploaded by user ijsselduo. In it a group of people are gathered outside at dusk taking pictures of the famous bird. The beautiful and regal looking owl sits atop someone’s house and from the high vantage point he spots a pretty blonde head that would make for a great perch.

He takes off and as he swoops down towards the woman she puts her hood on, and remains very still, as if she knows he is coming in for a landing. Seconds later the owl is perched atop his lady friend and making himself comfortable. He adjusts his position and looks around for a quick moment, staying just long enough to pose for a few photos. Then he is off to find another head to roost on!

The sight is something you don’t get to see everyday, or ever. This particular eagle-owl has made a name for himself and seems to be a ladies man. Check out the cool video show your friends.

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