Can You Complete 22 Phrases Every American Should Know?

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Some expressions are as American as apple pie. Like blue jeans and baseball, they’ve become ingrained in our culture and form a quintessential part of it.

If you’re a tried and true American then you should be very familiar with the majority, if not all, of the phrases that follow below. Even if you aren’t an American citizen, it’s more than likely that you’ll know many of these popular sayings. They are used all over the place, in movies and songs and books.

In fact, they’re kind of hard to miss! These are some of the many colorful and quirky expressions out there that simply cannot be heard anywhere else. While people in every region of the country have their own way of saying certain things, the phrases below are more common and widespread than those area-specific ones.

A common example of this type of regional variation is the name that different parts of the US use for soft drinks. Depending on where you are, people call carbonated beverages either soda, pop, Coke, soda-pop, or even tonic!

If you can complete the twenty-two phrases that follow, it means you’re well versed in North America’s most proverbial expressions. Work through them now and see how well you score. Good luck and enjoy!

How did you do? Did you pass?

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