Video: Cat Gets His Teeth Brushed For The First Time. What The Camera Caught Is Hilarious!

Even if the only thing your cat hunts these days is tasty treats, toy mousies and catnip, he still needs healthy clean teeth and gums.  Damage to your cats teeth, palate, tongue and gums can extend into other health risks for your cat.  The good news is, this can be prevented by brushing your cats teeth!

The ASPCA recommends doing a breath test, go on take a sniff of your cat’s breath.  If  your cat’s breath has an extremely strong odor he may have a digestive disorder or gingivitis.  They also recommend pulling back your cats lips and inspecting their gums.  Make sure their gums are a nice coral pink.  They should not be white, red, or swollen.

In the hilarious video below, a cat gets his teeth brushed for the first time by his human.  Somehow, he loves it and even grabs for the toothbrush with his paw to place it in his mouth.  Then as he is getting those pearly whites clean, he has an epiphany.  He gets a far off look in his eyes, and it seems as if his mind has just been blown!  Maybe he is pondering the meaning of life or Stephen Hawking’s theory of everything.  Either way, this video is absolutely hilarious and I can’t stop laughing at that face. Enjoy! 🙂

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