A Cinnamon Gardening Life Hack Everyone Should Know

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A little sprinkle of cinnamon has the ability to make all sorts of things taste better. The aromatic spice has long been used as a seasoning and flavor additive for foods and drinks, even the Romans added cinnamon to bitter wines to improve their taste profiles. Today it’s widely used in teas and alcoholic beverages, like the immensely popular and widely appealing Fireball whiskey. However, there are many other non-food related ways in which the power of cinnamon can be harnessed.

One such way is in the garden, or more specifically, when starting your indoor seedlings. A common problem that arises after young, newly planted seeds sprout is that a nasty fungus may develop alongside with them. The fungus can result in a condition called ‘damping off’ disease which is harmful to vulnerable seedlings because it can greatly weaken or kill them.

If you have ever seen a white, fuzzy, cottony, or mold-like substance growing around the plants and on their stems, it’s likely this unwanted pathogen. The fungus thrives in warm humid environments and that, in combination with using a starting mix that isn’t sterilize, can lead to your plants succumbing to damping off disease.

To combat the common issue, reach into your spice cabinet and take out the powdered cinnamon. Simply sprinkle a little bit of the aromatic spice onto the soil around the plants and it will work to protect your seedlings. Don’t over saturate the area, just a pinch will do, and if you get some on the leaves that’s fine. An alternative way that some gardeners also use is to add in the cinnamon when mixing up the potting soil.

However, since the fungus grows on the surface and plant stems, it works best to just sprinkle it on the top layer of soil. Cinnamon is used because it has anti-fungal properties which fight and protect against fungus from forming. At the same time, it doesn’t harm the delicate plants, and so it’s an ideal, effective, and all-natural way to help your seedlings grow.

For many people, the time is now to begin planting most vegetable seedlings. It’s not too late to try using some cinnamon on them and if you haven’t started yours yet, you better hurry before it’s too late, or you’ll have to buy them at a nursery!

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