What Color Is Your Aura?

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Everyone has an aura that is unique and distinctive.  Even if you can’t quite see it in yourself or others, it is always with the person from whom it emanates.  All living things, as well as objects, manifest and put off a certain energy that radiates around them. Many ancient religions, mystics, and spiritualists have described this energy as that of the person’s essence.

Buddhist and Hindu beliefs tie in a person’s aura to the seven colored chakras and Kundalini energy, which can be changed and altered into a sort of spiritual halo with enough spiritual practice and devotion.  This halo of light and ethereal glow crosses over cultures and is well seen in many other western religions, through their art, and in their texts.

A person’s aura can reveal a lot about their emotions and subconscious desires.  If you would like to see what color your aura is, take find out below! This is totally awesome! Enjoy!

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