I Was Confused When He Put A Cherry On Top Of The Bottle. But The Reason Is Unexpectedly Brilliant

When he put the cherry on top of the bottle, I was confused. But when I saw what he did next, I was running to try it! Cherries are fantastic. Everyone loves them, they are the cherry on top of nature. They have one downfall that makes them aggravating, and it may be the only thing that stands in the way of complete cherry domination. Without the pit, the delicate balance of sweet and tart would be immediately available, and they would be cleaner than the renowned strawberry of legendary lore.

Take me to Japan in April, right at the height of the cherry blossoms, their magnificent pink-white petals sprawling from delicately manicured limbs as thin as glass. The scent of joyful perfection fills the air, as the petals’ twirling dance flirts with the breeze.

Ancient temples rise at impossible angles out of the sea of blooms, their curling roofs housing countless generations of fastidious monks, whose hands relay the attention given to their tree brethren.

But there is a remedy, decidedly simple, that can be utilized to abolish this infamous pit. You are likely going to want to grab yourself a bottle, chopsticks and a bunch load of cherries. Step one, grab a cherry. Step two, place upon the bottle your cherry.

Step three, poke that cherry with that stick. Step four, eat that cherry. You have now successfully demolished the single impediment that stood between you and the cherry palace. Congratulations.

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