Video: Couple Has A Priceless Reaction When They Meet Their Abandoned Baby They Adopted

For almost 10 years the Chens have struggled to have a baby.  They tried everything in their power to make their dream of having a family a reality.  However, they realized that because of infertility they would be unable to conceive their own child.  According to research around 6% of married women ages 15-44 in the United States are unable to have children due to infertility. Men also have approximately the same rate of infertility in the United States as compared to women.

In this video they share their story of how they traveled and adopted a baby boy.  From the minute they laid eyes on him they know this was their son, Jacob Chen.  They hold their baby and rock him back and forth as any new parent would with a new child. As the emotion bubbles to the surface the tears of their long struggle can’t be bottled in.  This emotional moment is all caught on video and it truly tore my heart into a million pieces.

By the 4 minute mark I just couldn’t hold back my own tears. Be warned you will probably need tissues for this one.  You will really be able to empathize with the struggle that all adoptive parents must face while going through their journey.  This heartwarming film should be seen by all parents who are interested in adopting.

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