Cute Puppy Feels Air Conditioning For The First Time.

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When the temperature is soaring and the sun is beating down, nothing quite hits the spot like some good old air conditioning. A constant streaming blast of icy cold air is immediately refreshing, especially if you happen have a black fur coat on like the Labrador puppy in this video.

The cute puppy was sitting in the front seat of his owner’s car when the air conditioning came on. The sudden flow of cool air was like a welcome northerly breeze to the little guy and he was both delighted and intrigued by the awesomeness of it. He tried to lap up the blowing air as if he were hanging his head out of the car window and his reaction was probably the cutest thing that he could have possibly done at that moment!

Now that it’s heating up again and summer is fast approaching, it’s a good time to spread awareness about the dangers of leaving pets, children, and any dependent person alone in a car, even for just a minute or two, on a warm or hot day. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the temperature inside a car can quickly climb to 110° F or higher when the outside air temperature is in the 60s. On an 83° day the interior temperature can reach 109° in 15 minutes, even with the windows rolled down a couple of inches.

These temperatures are enough to cause heatstroke, where your body temperature rises to 104° or higher, and this can be deadly. Some individuals are more susceptible to heat stroke, as are pets, and dogs in particular can only cool down by panting or sweating through their paw pads. Once their body temps rise it’s hard to get them back down, which is why even a few minutes in a hot car can kill them.

If you know you are going someplace where you can’t bring your pet, leave them at home. If you have little kids and drop them off in the morning at daycare or something, set a reminder and always check the backseat when you lock and leave your car. Being aware and vigilant about this can only help save lives.

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