THIS Dad Found His Young Son With Some Disturbing Photos. His Explanation Sent Chills Up My Spine!

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Eleven year old James Leininger found out at an early age that he used to be James Huston, a World War II fighter pilot who died near the coast of Japan. The boy displayed a deep fascination for World War II fighter planes when he was a toddler by drawing numerous pictures of them, and flying them in simulators with skill.

He is recorded stating, “I can beat the Japanese as easy as pie.” James proved over and over again that he was genuinely familiar with the air crafts and their duties.¬†The boy began having frequent night terrors to go along with his violent drawings of bombings. He would cry that “airplane crash on fire, little man can’t get out,” and act out the scene on his back with his legs kicking in the air.

When Andrea and Bruce Leininger, his parents, asked James who the little man was, James replied that it was him. He miraculously recalled what kind of plane he was in, and that it was shot down by the Japanese after taking off from a boat called Natoma. He even identified himself as James 3, the third James.

James Leininger hopes that by sharing his experience the world will be able to realize how precious life is. The family published a book with his stories, Soul Survivor, to help people understand how fast life can be taken from you, and to open their eyes to reincarnation. Whether you believe in a soul living many lives or not, it inspiring and thought provoking.

James’ tale begs the question, are you appreciating your life as if today could be your last?

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