Mom Left Daddy With The Baby Alone For The First Time But What The Camera Caught Is Hilarious!

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New moms often find that it can be really hard to leave their newborn babies, even if it’s just for a short time. They want the peace of mind knowing their child is safe, sound, and well taken care of and no one else knows their baby as well as they do. It’s natural for a mother to be hesitant about leaving their infants in the care of another person, but it’s also inevitable.

Usually a close family member or friend looks after the newborn when mommy steps out, and it’s likely daddy will spend a lot of one on one time with the baby too. One couple decided to do a hilarious take on what a father might get up to when he’s left alone with a baby, and the outcome is a little quirky and a lot entertaining.

The clip features YouTube personality Elle Walker from the WhatsUpMoms channel, her brother-in-law Greg, and niece Brooklyn. After mom and her friend leave the man of the house takes over and he quickly gets to work feeding and cleaning up after his youngster.

When he can’t find a top to the baby bottle, he improvises with a piece of Glad Press’n Seal wrap. The stuff does the job so well that it ends up inspiring him. Once he gets the baby down for a nap he sets out around the house cleaning up and organizing toys, closets, the fridge and more as he goes.

The wrap also came in handy for keeping baby essentials close by, like the binky and bottle. When mom finally returns home she’s shocked at the sight that awaits her. Check it out, you might gain some good ideas from it.

Enjoy the video below and have a wonderful rest of your day!

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