Disabled Homeless Man Falls To The Ground and No One Helps. But Then I Can’t Hold Back The Tears

A social experiment in New York City displays the tendencies of the general public regarding giving assistance to strangers based on their appearance. A black suited man, staged with crutches, walks the streets and periodically falls to find out if passers by will help him back up. Without hesitation, there is consistently someone, if not several people, who stop their trajectory to aid the injured and fallen businessman to his feet. They respectfully call him sir as they lend their hand and ask if he is alright.

A different observation is made with a man who is dressed in dirty, tattered clothing. The seemingly homeless fellow hobbles along the street on crutches, tripping many times to take hard blows onto the sidewalk. Surrounding witnesses gape at the man in dismay, but do nothing in the way of offering help.

Some people just stare and slowly walk away, while others are oblivious to the struggle and avoid the obstacle in front of them by walking around. No one even asks the man if he is okay.

There is one person who immediately responds to the wounded hobo and it is another homeless person sitting against a building on the sidewalk. With obvious sympathy and concern, the man leaves his collection cup unattended to make sure the distressed vagabond is not in need of serious attention.

The consoler guides the consoled to standing and helps him gather his belongings before he continues on his way. The story ends with a perfect quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”

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