This Dog Died An Hour After Eating This Common Yet Very Deadly Plant. Everyone Should See THIS

There is a renewed sense of urgency in spreading the word about a very common, dangerous and deadly plant that can kill a dog within an hour if any part of it is consumed. Water hemlock is the plant that is responsible for the recent death of a 3 year old Border Collie in Colorado, and it poses a risk to all animals as well as humans. The dog was out playing at Horsetooth Reservoir when she ate the plant, which is known as one of the most toxic plants in all of America. Soon after ingesting it she started panting and her tongue was hanging out, then she lost her motor functions and couldn’t stand up, within 60 minutes she had passed away. The shocking death has many pet owners and lovers on edge, since the water hemlock plant is so widespread and common in North America, yet not many people know about its extreme deadliness.

The plant is most often found around moist, wet areas such as lakes, marshes, rivers, ditches, and streams. It sports serrated green leaves with sharply toothed edges and in the springtime it flowers with green or white petal blossoms that appear shaped as an umbrella.

While dogs are not drawn to the plant they could chew on it, plus owners and the public in general should be aware of the danger it poses. Even a large dog who eats just a few leaves can die within two hours, and smaller ones often succumb to it’s toxic effects much quicker. In some instances dogs have been poisoned by hemlock roots that were soaking in water and thus had contaminated it. Symptoms from water hemlock poisoning in dogs show up within minutes after they ingest it and include dilated pupils, seizures, twitching, and drooling. Eventually the dog becomes paralyzed and soon after death sets in, so it’s vitally important to get the dog to a veterinarian quickly. They need to induce vomiting as soon as possible and get the toxic poison out of the dog’s system.


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