This Dog Sees A Squirrel While He Is In The Car. His Reaction I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Rocco is a Springer Spaniel who was caught on video literally losing it at the sight of a squirrel.  His owner, Meaghan Griffin, seemed to know that he is quite passionate in his squirrel interest.  This pup goes absolutely crazy!  His barking transforms as his adrenaline surges.

Watching a squirrel through the window of the car he is riding in, his barking turns into a howling, high-pitched squealing.  One has to wonder what is going through his head.  Is he scared, excited, picking up some cues from the squirrels that we humans aren’t privy to?!

Or maybe it’s just his instinct.  Whatever it is, this video captures a moment in a dog’s life that really brings a moment of canine excitement and hilarity that can’t be beat.  Meet Rocco!


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