She Tells Her Pup She Can’t Have What She Wants. So The Dog Throws The Most Dramatic Hissy Fit.

We all react in our own special ways when things don’t go as planned. Some of us get all sad, mopey, whereas others retreat and keep busy by moving on to something else. Then there’s always a few individuals who throw epic temper tantrums that make everyone around them question their sanity, they’re the ones who scream and yell a lot. Just as we humans all have different ways of showing disappointment, so do our four-legged best friends!

The reactions that dogs have to not getting what they want are equally as complex as any persons, it’s just that they’re so much more adorable! When a dog throws a hissy fit or acts irrational because it doesn’t get its way, that’s way more acceptable than when any adult, or person over the age of 10, throws a tantrum.

Case in point: the adorable dog in this video. Sadie is the good looking pup in the Vine clip and when it starts out she has just apparently been denied something. Maybe it was a toy, or a treat, or a nice long walk, it’s not clear and we’re not told what. What is clear is that she’s definitely not happy about it!

Sadie makes her disappointment known to all by groaning aloud and throwing a fit in the most literal sense of the term! She turns from the camera, takes a step, and then throws herself on the floor like a big furry rag-doll. It’s so over the top and unnecessary that it only makes it all the more hilarious and entertaining to watch! However, one person who is not so impressed is Sadie’s owner, Ashlyn Skaggs, who posted the video short. She can be heard in the background telling her dog “Sadie, nobody cares.” Her lack of enthusiasm towards her dogs reaction is like many a parent’s to their kid’s tantrums, they get so used to it that after awhile they pay it no mind!

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