She Drives By A Dog Chained Outside In Extreme Weather. Then She Writes THIS And Changes Everything

We see stories of terrible inhumane treatment of animals every day on the internet.  We shed a tear, agree on how terrible it is, and praise those who do something to rescue abused animals.  There is something we can all do, as Bluegrass singer and song writer Donna Hughes has highlighted in her heart wrenching song, “One Less Dog In the Cold”.

She was inspired by all the dogs she passed chained outside for much of their lives, regardless of how freezing or broiling the weather.  Her haunting lyrics and melody which you will hear in the video below, should be an anthem for animal rescue.

Her lyrics speak of remorse for having passed these dogs so many times, and has written this song to raise awareness to “HELP UNCHAIN DOGS TODAY…DON’T LOOK THE OTHER WAY”.  ‘Every dog is a window to your soul’ and it can be said that in ignoring these tortured animals, we lose a little bit of our souls.  This is a song that we leave you with deep feelings.

I found myself needing to listen to it several times.

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