If You Drink Out of a Copper Cup 1x Per Day For a Month THIS Happens To Your Body

I hear about many things online that have health benefits that are surprising, but I truly had  no idea that DRINKING FROM a COPPER PITCHER or CUP, was one of them.  The video you are about to watch below, does a great job of discussing the health benefits and the optimal means of storage to get the best results.

In actuality, the ancient Egyptians and Vedic people of India, used copper for water storage, to insure cleanliness and freshness.  Modern scientists have studied these ideas, and verified the top seven health benefits provided by copper usage.

Trace amounts of copper consumption have the effect of stimulating the BRAIN.  Cognitive  acuity and sharpness, rely on the synapses in your brain firing at a certain speed.  Because copper helps the production of myelin sheaths which make the synapses fire, drinking from a copper container will make your brain sharper.

Many people swear that wearing copper provides relief from JOINT PAIN.  This seems to be particularly effective when it oxidizes and turns green; regrowing of cartilage and pain management for arthritis tend to be more anecdotal, than scientifically based, but countless people swear that it works miraculously.

Ingestion of trace amounts of copper found in certain foods and from drinking from copper vessels, improves DIGESTION by eliminating certain microorganisms that cause an upset stomach.  The video you are about to watch below will also discuss copper’s effect on the THYROID (which balances weight and moods), improving HEART HEALTH and providing CARDIOVASCULAR SUPPORT.

Copper effects MELANIN PRODUCTION which directly effects HAIR FOLLICLES and HAIR GROWTH.  Similarly, copper’s effect on melanin supports SKIN HEALTH by producing COLLAGEN.  The footage below, will go into more detail that will be quite helpful in using this significant information, about the health benefits offered by trace elements of copper.

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