Intoxicated Lady Left Her Vehicle In The Lot At a Bar/Restaurant. She Returns and Discovers This Note On Her Car.

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If you enjoy drinking adult beverages when you go out to eat with friends and family at a bar or restaurant, then you’ve likely had to figure out a safe way home. There are times in our lives when we simply end up drinking too much alcohol to drive safe and soundly or within the legal limit. That is when we should call it a night and call a cab, an Uber, or a friend to pick us up as well.

Not driving drunk is among the smartest, most responsible choices that any person could make, and yet all too often people fail to do the right thing. Not Paula Grzelak-Schultz, she was wise enough to leave her car parked at the restaurant she went to eat at on a recent night out with her husband. They decided to take an Uber home instead and picked up their car the next day.

When Paula arrived back at her vehicle the following morning she immediately noticed a letter on her windshield. Like most people who have ever left their car parked overnight in a lot or place of business, she assumed it was a ticket or an angry letter. After all, you can never really know what the parking or tow policy may be or how strictly a business actually enforces it.

However, when Paula opened the letter up she was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Instead of being a ticket or a nasty note, it contained one of the nicest, most genuine, and non-judgmental messages ever! Here’s exactly what it said:


Is this not the nicest note ever!? Not only did the restaurant not tow or ticket her car, but they also threw in a pound of tasty chicken wings, that’s some real customer service and dedication. According to Joe McLean, the Original Joe’s managing partner, this isn’t the first or only time he has left a note on customers cars that were left in the parking lot overnight. He leaves the vouchers and letters in order to promote public safety and as a way to encourage people not to drink and drive.

I know what you may be thinking, only in Canada could someone be so nice and thoughtful, but hopefully Mr. McLean’s approach will catch on and inspire other businesses to do the same. After all, drinking and driving is selfish, stupid, and yet way too common. This obviously highlights the issue and if it can make people think twice about doing it, or stop even one person from endangering themselves and everyone else on the road with them, then it works.

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