The Easiest Most Natural and Effective Way To Get Rid of Annoying Skin Tags

A while back, I kept feeling this little annoying thing on my neck, that was really irritating when it rubbed against my shirt.  It was really bugging me, and then I felt one on my armpit when I was showering.  A few more developed  over time, and it was not only annoying, but I became a little nervous.

I just kept trying to ignore them, and then found out that they are called “Skin Tags”.  I was actually really relieved when I came across the video you are about to watch below; somehow I thought it was something only I had.  It  was good to hear that they are quite common, and tend to develop where the skin folds naturally in different places on the body.

I was actually getting ready to go see a dermatologist for removal, but as you will hear, there is a really easy home remedy to get rid of them without being cut.  If you’ve had these annoying tags, “The Health Fixer”, does a good job of explaining why we develop them and an easy solution for removal.  As they tend to recur, it’s good news that the way to remove them is probably already in your kitchen…APPLE CIDER VINEGAR to the rescue, yet again!

I would never have guessed it would be the solution for this problem, but as it turns out, “the Mother” form of  this vinegar, has multiple uses for skin problems.  The video will show you how to apply the vinegar, for how long, and how to achieve the best results.  If you have any concerns about your skin tags, of course, see your doctor before trying this.  I was amazed at how effective a remedy this is!

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