Have You Ever Noticed This Symbol On Half The Food You Buy? THIS Is What It Means!

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Kosher is a Hebrew word that means “fit” and when it’s applied to food products it means that the items were produced in accordance with Jewish law. The Torah set out the basic foundation governing such dietary laws and the foods that Jewish people are permitted to eat.

In today’s world of mass production, where thousands of different products are widely available, only items labeled as certified kosher are seen as fit for consumption.

As such, in order to help people adhere to the dietary guidelines that their faith demands, the food industry had to come up with a label that quickly conveys that a food has been certified kosher. The symbol that is used universally all throughout the world is a U enclosed in a circle.

It can be found on product packaging or labeling and its presence means that the food has been certified kosher. While there are many different versions of the symbol that exist, almost all of them contain the circled U in addition to other writing or symbols.

When a P is next to the kosher symbol it means the product contains meat. When a D is next to it, that means it contains dairy. In addition, there are many kosher organizations that certify products and they each use a different image to show they’ve approved of them.

This is what accounts for many of the slight differences among labels and the accompanying video does an excellent job showing and explaining this and more. The kosher label is not only helpful for kosher observers, it also helps a variety of others, and can be of use to you too.

People with dairy allergies, vegans, and those on specific diets use the symbol to avoid meat and dairy products that are labeled as such. Plus, if you ever pick up something and are wondering whether or not it contains milk, dairy, or other animal products, check for the kosher symbol.

There you have it and if you didn’t already know what the symbol of a circled U stood for, now you do!

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