Everyone Thought THIS Dog Was Guarding Her Humans Gravesite. But Then This Rescuer Discovers an Unthinkable Secret!

image via – youtube.com

A little while back animal lovers across the internet were moved by a sweet photo that went viral. The picture was from Serbia and depicted a german shepherd lying at a grave. Many thought it looked like the dog was grieving for his deceased master. However, something about the photo was not quite how it appeared.

Science has confirmed that dogs can actually feel love for you as they have the intellect equivalent similar to a two-year-old. Since dogs can love, is it possible that the dog was truly mourning? Possibly. There are certainly examples of dogs doing the same thing in history. One animal rescuer was not fully convinced.

Vesna Mihaljoski investigated the grave. Upon arriving, she confirmed that the dog was still at the grave. She looked closer. First, she noticed that the dog was actually in a hole that it had dug beneath the grave. Second, she was actually cuddling a litter of puppies.

The real reason that the dog refused to leave the grave was now clear. She had dug a den to protect her puppies. Luckily, Mihaljoski decided to adopt the mother and her pups. It turns out that the dog wasn’t mourning at all. With that discovery, the story turned from a tragic one into a happy one!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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