Dad and Daughter Were Parasailing Over The Ocean. What They Caught On Cam Is An Unexpected Surprise!

For one father and daughter, what began as a leisurely parasailing adventure quickly turned into a bird’s eye view of something few ever get the chance to see! While they are flying high, they notice a huge number of what look like small dots just under the surface of the water. The driver of the boat notices as well, and lines them up for the perfect video shot. As they are lowered back towards the boat, the “small dots” become a massive group of enormous stingrays!

What you are witnessing is likely the migration of the poisonous golden cow-nosed stingray, which gets its name from the two horn-like protuberances at the front of their bodies, which can be seen in the video if you look closely. Twice a year, they migrate through the Gulf of Mexico for feeding and mating.

Each stingray can be over 6 feet wide, and there may be up to 10,000 rays in this group! Stingrays, although many are poisonous to humans, are docile creatures. They attack only when threatened, usually when stepped on.

They are more likely to be threatened by their relatives the sharks, who also happen to be their main predator. And you thought your family was rude! Let us know what you think about this incredible video in the comments.

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