At First This Man Sits Calmly On The Stoop. When He Stands Up Chills Ran Down My Spine!

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Our planet is at a turning point right now. We have a chance now to change things, if we can all just wake up and realize the destruction we are producing. Animals are going extinct at the fastest rate ever. The air is too polluted to breathe in. The oceans are contaminated with all sorts of toxicity and the economies of the world are all on the brink of a possible collapse in the near future.

We need to all come together as a unified front, and change this world for the better for the future of humanity and all living beings on this planet.  We need to not only leave this planet a better place for our kid, but for our grand kids and their kids and so on! It’s time to stop being selfish and start working together so we can bring about huge change and prosperity to earth.

The poem in this video was written and recited by Prince Ea.  His message is so potent, no words are wasted and each sentence flows like divine wisdom. This truly is a message everybody on planet earth needs to hear and think about. It concerns every last one of us in this world.  What do you think of this poem?

Let us know after you listen below.

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