THIS Fisherman Noticed A Strange Log On The Lake. As He Approached He Realized THIS Desperate Creature Was Drowning!

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For many people, a day well spent is day spent fishing.  For them, even a bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work.  If you’re an avid fisherman, then you know the feeling and one Pennsylvania man was feeling the lure of the open water, so he headed out to one of his favorite spots.

Brad Meck decided to take a fishing trip to Raystown Lake, a reservoir in Huntingdon County Pennsylvania, one weekend in late May.  He chose a secluded area called James Creek and cast his line hoping for something good to bite. As he settled in Brad noticed something moving in the water.  At first, he simply assumed it was a fallen tree bobbing and floating along. As the supposed log came closer however, he saw that it was covered in brown fur. At that point, he thought it must be a beaver, after all it was in the middle of a huge body of water.

Upon closer inspection, it dawned on him that the animal swimming towards his boat was in fact a baby bear!  The poor cub was struggling to stay afloat and was so exhausted that he could barely keep his nose out of the water.  Realizing the dire situation the bear cub was in, Brad had only seconds to decide whether to save him or not.

Thankfully, he did come to the bears rescue and reached down to haul the utterly exhausted baby bear out of the water.  For a split second the thought crossed his mind that the bear might bite him, but as he placed him in the boat any worries that he had disappeared.  The cub was simply grateful to be saved and showed no ill will towards Brad. It was so exhausted that all it could do was sit down and rest.

At this point Brad switched gears and started thinking about what he should do next.  Being in such a remote area, he had no cell service and couldn’t call anyone for advice, so he turned to common sense.  He’d seen the direction the cub had been headed in and assumed it had been following its mother when it fell behind crossing the lake.  He decided to head off in that direction and when he reached the shore, he let his passenger off. The bear cub departed and scurried up the bank into the woods, but not before stopping briefly to glance back at Brad.  It’s as if he was saying thank you and goodbye to the man who had saved him.

Now that’s one of the best fishing stories anyone has ever heard told.  Brad went angling for fish, caught a wild bear cub, and saved its life without any harm coming to either of them.

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