Video: This Funny Goat Licks A Dog. The Dog’s Reaction Is Priceless!

Dogs are some of the most patient animals on earth.  We consistently see them showing the zen nature of a Buddhist monk in videos that feature kids with dogs, new kittens with older dogs, and most recently even tortoises pestering pups.  Dogs are so loving it is no wonder they are mans best friend. Dogs give off the most consistent positive energy that is contagious to anyone around them.

In the video below, a rather annoying goat continuously pokes, licks, and prods this extremely patient pup.  A lesser animal would not put up with such shenanigans, but this dog is a saint. The dog stays calm while the goat inspects the stoic pup.  The goat keeps speaking to the dog in goat language, but the dog basically just ignores the banter, and allows the goat to do what he has to do.

It is possible that this relentless goat is trying to pick a fight with this peaceful dog who would rather just turn the other cheek.  Goats are fascinating creatures and they are slowly taking over the internet. They can be cute and precious, while at other times they can be insane and totally ridiculous.

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