Garbage Man Had No Idea He Was On a Hidden Cam. What They Caught The Guy Doing Took My Breath Away!

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Garbage Men are some of the hardest working people on earth. Everyday they get up at the crack of dawn, get on their route and do the job most of us would never want and dread. They pick up all that stinky, gross trash that us humans leave behind and usually don’t think twice about it after we throw it away.

They work in the rain or shine and just as quick as the garbage piles up these hard workers are there to pick it up and get rid of it. We should all just take a moment to truly think abou the work they do and maybe next time you see one going through your neighborhood let them know how much you appreciate the work they are doing for the community. With all that being said this brings us to today’s heartwarming and beautiful story.

A man named Joshua Byrne decided to give a homeless fur baby a forever home. He heard that there was a local kill shelter nearby and he thought the best way to go about rescuing a pup would be from a kill shelter. Josh would not only be adopting an amazing new family member but he would also be saving him from certain death. One afternoon he headed off to the kill shelter, found an adult Golden Retriever and immediately when they made eye contact he knew this pup was the one.

He filled out all the paperwork, told the dog to get ready for his new life and headed home to introduce the rescued animal to the rest of the family. When he got home the family decided to name the dog Shelby and the sweet pup immediately became one of the pack. The dog had a wonderful personality, he was great with the kids and everybody in the family loved him. Little did they know, they weren’t the only ones forming a special bond with Shelby….

The family lived in the burbs and like many households, the garbage gets picked up 2x per week. Before the Golden Retriever became part of Josh’s family, the garbage got picked up every week, no questions asked smooth as clockwork on time just as it should be. However about a month after the golden retriever was adopted Josh and his family began to pick up on something a bit out of the ordinary. Joshua decided to set up a hidden camera to see just what was going on between Shelby and the garbage man.

He went out got a security camera, set it up aimed at the trash and then he waited for trash pick up day. Just as the family suspected a strange relationship was brewing between the garbage man and the sweet pup. The hidden camera caught everything and as soon as enough footage was captured Josh uploaded to social media and the video immediately went mega viral, seen by millions all around the world!

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