She Decides To Kick A Sleeping Dog At The Beach. Now Watch How He Gets His Unexpected Revenge!

Ahhhh the patience of dogs!  Many dogs are notoriously patient when it comes to playing with kids.  Young kids can be pesky; pulling on ears, riding them like a pony, constant petting that gets annoying, screeching  and in the case of this little girl, pushing with her foot.

Laying on the beach in the sand with her two boxer pals, this young girl (who appears to be six or seven), keeps pushing her foot into the belly of one of the dogs.  He just lays there and takes it, until her pushy foot may have become too “pushy”!  This was captured on video as the barefoot, squirmy girl persisted.

What happens next is hysterically funny.  The dog has had enough and starts doing a typical dog thing that stopped the girl’s foot from nudging him in the stomach. I don’t think she meant any harm, but may not have realized that her belly pushing may have felt like a kick!  She was definitely taught a lesson by her pup, that she won’t forget!

Watch this laugh-out-loud footage to see her reaction.

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