She Gives Her Parakeet An Egg From The Supermarket To Play With. But Days Later She Gets The Biggest Surprise Ever!

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No one ever really stops to think about the carton of eggs they buy at the grocery store.  All most people care about is how fresh they are that they aren’t broken. When YouTube user Luna Angel went to the supermarket and spotted some quail eggs for sale, they initially grabbed her attention because they made her think of her pet parakeet at home, Pi-chan. 

She ended up buying the quail eggs and when she returned home, she gave one of the speckled eggs to her little yellow and blue bird to see what it would do and how she’d react.

As soon as the egg was placed inside her cage, Pi-chan sat on it as if she had laid it herself.  Her maternal instincts were strong, and Luna was happy to see her little bird so interested in the egg.  Not long afterwards, she went to check on Pi-chan and was shocked at what she saw inside her cage. The egg had hatched, and a tiny, fluffy, unbelievably cute baby quail was sitting next to her songbird! 

Naturally Luna was not expecting this, she had assumed the quail egg had been unfertilized, as most grocery store eggs are.  The chances that she somehow picked up a carton that contained a fertilized one were extremely slim and yet there was a baby bird right in front of her. 

It must have been fate because Luna was an experienced bird owner and lover, she knew that she’d be able to care for Pi-chan’s new friend, even if she had never raised a baby bird before!

As it turns out, baby quails don’t require very much work.  Right after they’re born, they can eat pretty much anything and so feeding the little chick wasn’t an issue.  In just a few days the bird was noticeably growing and getting stronger, much to the relief of Luna. Now instead of one she has two adorable little birds in her family!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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