Mommy Tells Giant Great Dane To Get Out Of Bed But He Proceeds To Throw a Silent Hissy Fit Instead

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Oftentimes our four legged friends are by our sides when we wake up in the morning. Some are eager to start the day off and get in a morning walk while others are there to kindly ask for a tasty treat. Then there are those animals who are less enthusiastic about the prospect of leaving their perfect, cozy, warm beds. If they had a choice they would much rather stay in bed than get up or go outside. The following video features a huge goofy white and black spotted Great Dane who just does not want to get up at all. His mama tries almost every trick in the book to get the big guy out of bed. However, the big guy won’t budge and doesn’t want to partake in mom’s plan and schedule for the day…

The giant puppy, named Reeza, is clearly in no mood for a morning walk and would rather stay put on his well cushioned couch bed. Reeza only wants to snuggle further into the couch, before he finally lets out a big yawn and sits upright on his hind quarters, but then he lays back down to try and get a little more shut eye. In the background his owner pleads, to no avail, for him to start moving and get out of bed.

She even threatens to dump him out of his spot but he could care less. When she moves in closer to him he fakes another try at getting up and for a brief moment it looks like he’s about to jump out of bed. However, he has second thoughts and goes back down on his belly for more blissful rest. At a point near the end of the video Reeza begins to see that there won’t be anymore peaceful time for relaxing as his owner keeps up her urging and renews the threats to pull him out of bed. After a few snuffles, wide yawns, and mushing his face into the cushions he makes a few more false starts before he finally gets up on all fours legs and leaves his bed.

I know all too well how this tired puppy feels. Sometimes you just want to sleep in and when someone is trying to get you out of bed all you can think is ‘go away and leave me alone.’ We have all felt like Reeza at some point in our lives and had moments where getting out of bed is the last thing we want to do.

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