She Heard Scratching At Her Door Opened It And Saw THIS. Moments Later an Unexpected Surprise!

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When you hear someone at your front door unexpectedly, you usually assume it’s the mailman, UPS or FedEx.  Sometimes you worry that it’s someone trying to sell you something, so you peek around to check it out before you actually open the door.

The two women who were home certainly never expected to see an animal staring at them!  Well maybe a stray dog or cat could be within the realm of expectation, but certainly not the exotic creature that was gazing up at them.

A baby owl!?!  What in the world?  Not only is it rare to see an owl up close, but to find one at your front door is astounding!  The women coo and talk to this unexpected visitor in sheer wonder.  What is he doing at their front door?  “Hello Mr. Owl” one woman says, half expecting that he will offer a greeting or an explanation.

What she was doing during this “owl banter” was figuring out what to do with this baby, who barely moved and just kept staring at her.  She knew better than to handle him, and started to worry about his safety.  She decided to call the local bird sanctuary to come help the seemingly lost baby owl.

This was a great decision, as it turned out the poor little thing had fallen out of it’s nest, and hadn’t yet learned to fly!  He needed to be returned to his mom before his life was endangered.  Thank goodness this women did the right thing.  Enjoy the video below of this mesmerizing encounter.

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