Grandpa Falls Asleep On Top Of This Lady’s Cell Phone. Her Next Move Is An Unexpected Hilarious Surprise!

Oh boy, British humor sure is something special. Blunt, yet innocent enough, they know how to make one chuckle. The skill is in how they dramatically deliver their dry comedy and fearlessly plow through taboo. A good portion of the funniest performances out there originated from the creativity of the British.

Just to name a few, there was Mr. Bean, Keeping Up Appearances, The Office, Black Books, Monty Python, which all provided immense entertainment. In this sitcom excerpt a woman knocks on the door of a house where she had left her cell phone.

When she walks in she finds a man sleeping in the recliner in the living room where she believes she left her phone. Another woman hides in the kitchen when she realizes the visitor had returned and calls the cell phone which makes the search a little silly.

The ringtone proves that the cell phone indeed is underneath the sitting man, and when he scratches his nether region the phone call is answered. The owner of the phone proceeds to answer the call as if the phone was in her hand, but gracefully informs the caller that the connection is not ideal.

Because the woman in the kitchen can see the situation as she places the call, she instructs the woman on the other end of the line that perhaps she should move closer to the phone. The ridiculousness is hilarious as the woman yells very closely into the crotch of the sleeping man and then eventually just reaches her hand in to grab the phone.

She fumbles around for a bit when a priest walks in to find her in the middle of the inappropriate looking behavior. The man wakes up very excited at all the action and the woman in the kitchen stands back and laughs at the outrageous scene.

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