A Great Dane Bumps Into A 12 Week Old Chihuahua. The Chihuahua’s Reaction Is HILARIOUS!

These two playful pups are living proof that friends come in all shapes and sizes.  The tiny 12 week old Chihuahua named Lilly fearlessly approaches the much larger Vago, a Great Dane, and lets out an adorable little yap.  The two were captured on camera sharing a moment at The Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada last year.  They adorably paw at one another and roll around on their backs and bellies in the cool grass as the delighted crowd looks on!

Lilly sure is getting her energy out and will sleep well later.  Vago is not bothered in the slightest bit and seems happy to play with such a tiny puppy.  He is quite gentle and aware of his big feet and head as he carefully nibbles and paws at tiny Lilly.

While some people may interpret the Chihuahua’s actions to be in line with Small Dog Syndrome, it’s safe to assume Lilly feels comfortable and safe around big Vago.  She just want to have a good time and is rolling around having fun.  It doesn’t appear that she is growling at, trying to dominate, or threaten the bigger dog, which is what Small Dog Syndrome implies.  It is rather heartwarming to see such different animals getting along so well, being social, and enjoying each others company.  Check out the video if you want to smile! 🙂

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