THIS Is The Strange Reason Why We Have That Groove Between Our Nose and Top Lip!

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Every face is completely unique, even identical twins have slight differences in their faces when they are formed in utero. Our greatest expressive feature, as human beings, are our faces; even the most subtle differences between twins, are what makes up their individuality.

The human face shares many basic characteristics in common, such as eyes, a nose, a mouth and what we usually call “that little thingy” between our noses and mouths. We are referring to that groove, more prominent in some faces than others, that is actually called the “philtrum”.

Strangely, it has no function at all; rather it is a residual part of our evolution from the fish! In this fascinating short video below, you will hear about how this philtrum is formed, when the parts of our face come together, “like pieces of a puzzle” during the second and third month of our development in our mother’s wombs.

It helps to explain the uniqueness of each of our faces. Watch the video below for more information!

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