THIS Guilty Dog’s Human Walks In And Asks The Pup Who Did This. HIS Response Is PRICELESS!

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Dogs can get a little carried away sometimes and they can’t help it if they make a mess in the process. Usually they just don’t know any better and only find out that they’ve been less than a good dog when their owners scold them.

Lots of us have walked into the house after a long day only to find that a scene of utter chaos and destruction awaits, courtesy of our furry companions. Even if you question them or tell them that they’ve been bad, it’s usually too late to make any difference in the situation.

Plus, when they look at you with those wide, sad, remorseful looking puppy eyes, it’s really hard to stay mad for more than 5 seconds. The faces dogs make when they have been caught red-handed are perhaps the cutest ones in the animal kingdom known to man.

It’s like we are wired to melt at the sight of their adorable “I’m sorry” expressions. In fact, you’d have to be pretty heartless to not react kindly to one of those sweet, sad and happy all at once, seemingly innocent looking faces peering up at you from a guilty dog’s lowered head.

For me personally, there is something about that look that gets me every time. This video features the best guilty dog reactions the web has to offer. All the dogs in it have been caught doing something naughty and I bet all of them got off lightly in the end.

It’s all thanks to their cute and lovable little faces, so check it out and prepare to smile and say “awww” because that’s the normal reaction to these adorable types of videos!

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